Category: Sexual Experiences

Amateur girls tell us all about their first sexual experiences and how these sexual encounters have defined their sex lives.

Andre Shakti

Andre Shakti’s Sensitivity

Are your nipples sensitive? If so, can you orgasm just by playing with them? My nipples are extremely sensitive, and I love when other people play with them, but I don’t often play with...

Alisha Adams

Alisha Adams’ High Score

What’s the most amount of times you have made yourself cum in a day? I bought a rabbit and my first time playing with it I came over 20 times in 2 hours. Become...

Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage Is A Speedy Gonzalez

What’s the quickest you have came, and how? When I’m looking at the right kind of stimulation, thinking the right kind of sexy thoughts, I can cum in 1-2mins by myself! Just using my...