Category: Sexual Experiences

Mia Presley

Is Mia Presley A Late Bloomer?

How did you discover masturbation and how old were you? I didn’t start to masturbate until I was 21… I really started exploring my sexual side at that time. Become a part of the...

Katherine Cane

Is Katherine Cane A Squirter?

Have you ever squirted when you’ve orgasmed? If so tell us about it. Yes. I hate it. It feels like needing to pee afterward. It just doesn’t work for me. Become a part of...

Ela Darling

How does Ela Darling Feel It?

How does your body respond when you come? Muscles tense, face feels flushed, toes curl and feet sometimes get painful cramps from the intesnity – not so bad until after climax, but then I...