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Does Tegan Mohr Go The Distance?

Do you always reach orgasm when you masturbate? Do you usually cum more than once? Yes, always. Never more than once unless I’m really trying. Become a part of the Yanks.com community now and...

Does Sammy Tyler Enjoy Road Trips?

Have you ever masturbated in a public place or in a car? Oh-hell-yes! Driving on long trips is a perfect time to pull out the pocket rocket and get off. Become a part of...

Is RyAnne A Squirtle?

Have you ever squirted? Yes, lots of times! Become a part of the Yanks.com community now and learn more of RyAnne’s sexy secrets!

Lily Rei’s Favorite Cum Position

What is your favorite sexual position? Doggy and cowgirl. I can cum through cowgirl easier than doggy. Become a part of the Yanks.com community learn more of Lily’s sexy secrets!

Dixon Mason’s Squirting Orgasm

Have you ever squirted when you’ve orgasmed? If so tell us about it. Yes! I was all tied up and my lover used a celebroton on me. It´s a high powered vibrator. I had...