Where Does Caroline Pierce Like To Get Off?

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  1. Gregorio says:

    There is nothing that says you have to go to colelge to be a photographer. Going to colelge (or a photography school) can be valuable. It will ensure you learn the basics, are exposed to many aspects of the art, do things in the field you may not have chosen to do on your own if it were not required for a grade, learn composition and art theory and so forth. It gives you someone that takes a studied critical look at your work and makes you stretch yourself to get better. And those business courses you can pick up may be a big help to you also. College will also make you take other subjects not dealing with photography that can help round you out. There are also some excellent photography schools that can do the same type of things for you. So make sure you check them out. You do not have a degree and do not take the non photographic subjects but they give you an excellent grounding in the art of photography. Or you can take photocourses as you can catch them individually online or locally , watch videos and CD’s, read books, work as an assistant to a photographer, go to seminars and workshops many other things to learn the art. Whichever way you go, for most photographers the ability to work with people to get the results you want is nearly as important as your technical skill. Enjoy the journey

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