Author: LoungeMaster

Theresa Russell

Theresa Russell Is A Player

Have you been with a girl? When? How was it? What do you like about girls? Yes. 10 years ago when I worked at a gentlemen’s club in Michigan. We both worked it!!! And...

Harley Rhodes

Harley Rhodes’ Story Time

Do you have any interesting or sexy stories having to do with you masturbating? I was pushed up against the glass on floor to ceiling windows in a down town hotel in a large...

Dixon Mason

Dixon Mason’s Awesome-sexual

Are you hetero-homo or bi-sexual? I like to say I’m “awesome-sexual”. Your gender identity doesn’t matter, as long as you’re awesome! Become a part of the community now and learn more of Dixon’s...

Sunday - Age: 32

Sexiest Cougars On GirlsOutWest

It’s time! Time to get wild, that is. And there is nothing more wild than the wild west itself! These hot and spicey cougars at GirlsOutWest have more energy and desire than any 22-year-old...

Lucky Starr

Lucky Star’s Wanking Reason

What generally makes you masturbate? Varies from watching porn to just trying to make myself go to sleep. Become a part of the community now and learn more of Lucky’s sexy secrets!