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Home made masturbation and masturbation pics

Blu Ruin Is THE Fan Girl You’ll Want

Besides your fingers and toys, what other methods have you used to get off? “Sitting on a bass amp at band practice.” Join the Yanks community NOW and read all about Blu Ruin’s sexual...

Sammy Tylor’s Pride

Have you ever used any sex toys? I LOVE my toys! I got my first toy in my early 20s. I was so proud of it and showed it to all my girlfriends, they...

Girls Get Katharine Cane Going

Are you hetero, homo or bi-sexual? Hetero-flexible. Girls turn me on but I could never date one. Become a part of the Yanks.com community now and learn more of Katharine’s sexy secrets!

Juliette March Can’t Even

How does your body respond when you cum? I get so warm and dizzy when I’m horny. When I’m about to cum my toes curl and my legs tense up and I can never...