Powerful Masturbation Combination

Ashlee Benz surprised the crew at Yanks.com with the way she masturbates… Some chicks don’t need toys, other need more than one! Ashlee Benz used both a glass dildo and a little pocket rocket vibrator to get herself off! Now that’s a masturbation pro!

She used the glass vibrator to go in deep, but also used the pocket rocket to stimulate her clit… What a powerful masturbation combination!

ashlee benz two vibrators


Haystack Masturbation

Ever try to find a needle in a haystack? Or have you ever seen a hot babe masturbating in a hay stack?

Looks like Brandy from Alp Girls got horny while looking for the needle… Up came her skirt, legs spread, fingers rubbing on her pussy lips…. Perfect!

brandy finger fucks herself

Imagine working on a farm and finding the farmer’s daughter masturbating like this!


Masturbation Heaven

Barbette from abbywinters.com loves masturbating…. She gets her fair share of men willing to pleasure herself, but in the end nothing pleases her more or turns her on more than she she’s playing with her own pussy, using her own hands! Even when she has a steady boyfriend she loves finger fucking herself… Sometimes she thinks it’s the thrill of getting caught that turns her on so much… But then she also loves the warm feeling that takes over her entire body when she comes from playing with her pussy with nothing more than her fingers!

First she has to take the panties off…

r babette takes off panties

Then she’ll spread her legs and play with her snatch – Masturbation heaven until she cums!


Has Boobs And Vibrator

Andie from Ron Harris looks like the type of chick that can land any man… But still, from time to time – in fact more often than not – she likes to pleasure herself…. She loves to get fucked, but sometimes masturbating herself with her fingers or her sex toys she can just go at it….. And quickly get herself off!

This is why she tends to wear summer dresses – with no panties! They show off their breasts nicely and at the end of the day it’s all about the easy access!

andie masturbates vibator in pussy

When Andie makes the decision to get off, she wants to get off quickly! Into the bathroom, lock the door, titties out, dress up, legs spread…. She always her one of her pocket rockets handy to use to get off!


Pussy Spread Open

Some chicks like to masturbate with exotic sex toys; Others like to rub up against the washing machine to get off… Yet others like the plain Jane method – fingers only!

Madeline here just opened up her dress wide enough to expose her pussy – she wasn’t wearing any panties – and started to spread her pussy lips and play with herself!

madeline spreading pussy masturbation

Sometimes masturbating with her fingers is the best way to get off!


Finger Masturbation

Anna from Yanks.com likes to get off one way and one way only when she’s masturbating…. With her fingers!

Oh, she has all of the sex toys one can imagine, but there is nothing she likes more than masturbating with her fingers, touching herself in the places that no man can ever touch her!

anna fingers pussy

This Yanks.com babe loves to show off on video how she masturbates too! Watching women masturbate on video is always hot!


Masturbating With Fingers

Cassie from Figure Babe looks like a wild and crazy girl who isn’t afraid to get off using her fingers…. In fact, it looks like her fingers are in her lap already getting started in on getting her pussy nice and wet for the next step of masturbation!

cassie masturbates fingers

Why would would she be totally naked?


Self Shot Masturbation Pix

This is neat! abbywinters.com stepped up to show us what might be the first public self shot masturbation pix ever!

Danielle was half naked and about to masturbate herself into heaven or paradise or wherever a hot babe goes when she has a massive orgasm when she masturbates, when she decided to pull out a little camera… Presto, pictures of her titties!

Abby winters danielle self shot masturbation pix2

But why stop there…. She needs to get off as much we as want to get off looking at her!

Danielle from abbywinters.com was already half naked, so taking off her pants and playing with her pussy sounded like a great way to masturbate for her!

Abby winters danielle self shot masturbation pix1


Double Sided Dildo

Annabelle loves to masturbate… Today she’s using a double sided dildo!

Annabelle doesn’t know that a double sided dildo is used by women to fuck other women… She’s only interested in half, having a fake cock in her!

annabelle huge double sided dildo

Because she can masturbate with a fake cock all day long!

And that’s one hell of a fat fake cock she’s masturbating with!


Masturbating Outside

This hot FTV Girl knows what she likes when it comes to masturbating!

Her first time masturbating was at summer camp with her girlfriends. They were alone in a cabin, just her and two other chicks, when they both started talking about things they could do their bodies to turn them on. Turns out she learned a lot of masturbation tricks that day!

These days she knows exactly what she wants!

jasmine masturbates-outside

Jasmine wears short shorts and little dresses just so she can masturbate when the urge strikes her! She finds a table side, hikes up her skirt, pulls off her panties, and goes to own on her pussy with her fingers!

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