Masturbation Lounge

Andre Shakti 0

Andre Shakti’s Sensitivity

Are your nipples sensitive? If so, can you orgasm just by playing with them? My nipples are extremely sensitive, and I love when other people play with them, but I don’t often play with...

Alisha Adams 0

Alisha Adams’ High Score

What’s the most amount of times you have made yourself cum in a day? I bought a rabbit and my first time playing with it I came over 20 times in 2 hours. Become...

Smokie Flame 0

Smokie Flame’s Little Surprise

When was your first orgasm? How did it make you feel? Were you surprised? My first orgasm was when I was 17. It felt so good. Did surprise me a little. Become a part...

Sinn Sage 0

Sinn Sage Is A Speedy Gonzalez

What’s the quickest you have came, and how? When I’m looking at the right kind of stimulation, thinking the right kind of sexy thoughts, I can cum in 1-2mins by myself! Just using my...

Olivia Rose 0

Olivia Rose’s Fire Starter

What generally makes you want to masturbate? Sexual tension! I <3 the release. Become a part of the community now and learn more of Olivia’s sexy secrets!

Aeryn Walker 0

Aeryn Walker’s Favorite Gadget

Have you ever used any sex toys? Yes!!! lol I like vibrators. I got my 1st one @16. Become a part of the community now and learn more of Aeryn’s sexy secrets!