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The goal of Yanks.com is to give you a unique window into the world of female self-pleasure. To capture, unscripted, what is happening behind the closed bathroom, bedroom, changing room, car and front doors of women all around the world. We find girls of all types, sizes, ages and cultures and give you as much insight as possible into how they make themselves orgasm. How they discovered masturbation, what they fantasize about when they are touching themselves and in what ways they have made themselves cum.

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Masturbating In Public

We’ve never met a woman named Gwenaver before. Doesn’t matter really, because even women named Gwenaver like to masturbate!

Gwenaver was so fucking horny that she decided to she get to get off right in the bar! Thankfully she was wearing a little summer dress and no panties. You can more or less say she knew she was going to be masturbating at some point and time in her future. In fact, she usually dresses like this because she’s masturbating in public every day – and every chance she can get!

Gwenaver masturbates bar

Imagine if a woman just hiked up her dress and started masturbating in front of you like this in a bar? That would so fucking hot!

If you’re looking for a great masturbation site be sure to check out Yanks!”


Masturbating Hairy Pussy

We love hot sluts with little tiny pocket rockets… Paige Fox is all dressed up, masturbating her hairy pussy….. She can’t wait until she gets off!

paige fox small pocket rocket

Men? She doesn’t need them. Not when she has her little pocket rocket to masturbate with!


Masturbating Herself

This babe from abbywinters.com with the hairy pussy knows what she likes when it comes to touching herself in just the right places… Well, after so many years of masturbating herself, one would think she would be really good masturbating herself!

abby-winters-konia-hairy pussy masturbates

Now all this big breasted beauty with the hairy pussy needs to do is slide her fingers inside of her snatch and start playing with herself….


Two Finger Masturbation

A woman masturbating with a finger (or two) in their pussy is always hot! Finger fun is always sexy!

It’s also the most common way for a woman to masturbate… They always have their finger with them, and it never says no! It also helps if they have a sexy video to warm up to.

She’s going in deep this time!

dillion masturbates fingers in pussy

Imagine being the lucky one who gets to help Dillion masturbate…. I could masturbate her all day long using her finger!


Small Dildo

Not only is FTV Girl Risi beautiful, but she’s the type of chick that knows what she wants and what she needs to do to get it… Some chicks are afraid to admit that they enjoy masturbating, but not this FTV Girl… She’s proud of it – and gets off on masturbating in front of others! And it’s oh so beautiful…

The dildo she’s using might be small, but don’t be fooled… She’s getting off on it!

ftv girls risi vibrator masturbation


Finger Fucking

London looks right at home masturbating with her finger right up her pussy like this…. One finger in her snatch getting her off, and the other hand on her breasts helping to get her off! She needs a little bit more than just a finger to get her off when she is masturbating – she needs to feel like someone is touching her! And playing with her breast while she’s fucking herself with her finger seems to be just the right trick!

For London, fingering herself is better than when she masturbates with her pocket rocket! It’s something about how her finger can slide up inside of her and curve just right!

london masturbates fingers

No matter – London loves masturbating, be it with her fingers or her favorite vibrator!


Masturbating Doggie Style

Angie from abbywinters.com is down on her hands and knees, legs spread, doggie style, titties hanging down… Spreading her pussy lips!

Bam…. She’s gonna get off mighty damn quick!

abby-winters-angie-finger in pussy

What a way for a chick to masturbate, huh? Just like how she likes being fucked!


Jesse Capelli

Jesse Capelli looks like the type of no non-sense chick who knows exactly what she’s going to do to take care of her special needs… Every so often this big breasted hottie from Ron Harris needs to be touched in a certain way, a way that no man can touch her… And when that happens it all comes down to masturbation!

Jesse Capelli loves to masturbate, and she has a sexy little vibrator to make it happen… .


You know every chick – even the big breasted ones like Jesse Capelli – have their own favorite little sex toys for them to get off with….



Vibrator In Pussy

Melina is one of those FTV hotties who knows exactly how her body works – and how she needs to touch herself to get off… You know the kind – she’s not a fish who lays there while she’s getting fucked. She’s the type that likes to move around!

She can put a vibrator in her pussy, turn it on, and just wiggle her body until she finds the right spot that gets her off…

ftv girls melina spreading and toying

She can just sit there until and sooner or later she’s bound to have a huge fucking orgasm!

Leave it to these FTV girls who knows how to get off masturbating with vibrators stuck in their pussys!

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