10 Yanks Girls Having Watergasms

1. Vivi – 21 – Raleigh

(Vivi – 21 - Raleigh)

(Vivi – 21 – Raleigh)

Vivi has a problem with authority- she’s even masturbated in the back of a cop car! Even though this tub isn’t in the back of a cop car it is still very hot to see her get herself off. I love her pretty, happy orgasms.

2. Samantha – 37 – Cleveland

(Samantha – 37 - Cleveland)

(Samantha – 37 – Cleveland)

Samantha is a super horny MILF who loves to cum on those water jets. Samantha is another girl that tells us when that special moment of orgasm is upon her. Hottt!!

3. Sosha Belle – 21 – Portland

(Sosha Belle – 21 - Portland)

(Sosha Belle – 21 – Portland)

Sosha is a total D&D playing dork. However that dork has fantastic big tits and loves to have mind blowing orgasms on those Jacuzzi jets. My favorite thing about her orgasms are that they are just so happy!

4. Mindy – 24 – Astoria, Oregon

(Mindy – 24 – Astoria, Oregon)

(Mindy – 24 – Astoria, Oregon)

I heard that Mindy was so horny thinking about her photo shoot that she masturbated in her car on the drive over. The only thing that beats that is her sexy, toe-curling watergasm!

5. Lucky Starr – 40 – Chicago (@ClubLuckyStarr)

(Lucky Starr – 40 – Chicago) (@ClubLuckyStarr)

(Lucky Starr – 40 – Chicago) (@ClubLuckyStarr)

Spinner Porn Star Lucky Starr is a pretty, sexual, and extremely horny Asian MILF. And she loves getting paid to do what she would gladly do for free – fuck and get off. I love how she tells us when her hairy Asian pussy is cumming.

6. Lisa and Shelby – 24 and 25 – San Diego

(Lisa and Shelby – 24 and 25 – San Diego)

(Lisa and Shelby – 24 and 25 – San Diego)

These two are masturbation maniacs who were simply adorable to watch as they helped each other to orgasm.

7. Claire – 21 – Seattle

(Claire – 21 - Seattle)

(Claire – 21 – Seattle)

Sexy, smart, funny and TALL (6’0”), Claire loves to get off in the tub and had her first go with a jet tub in this video. Claire also says when she is going to cum, I just love when girls do that.

8. Amberly Star – 29 – San Diego

(Amberly Star – 29 – San Diego)

(Amberly Star – 29 – San Diego)

This sweet beauty is a friend of Lily, the Yanks photographer. Watching her body tense up as her orgasm plows through her is a thing of beauty. Great Watergasm!

9. Amber Alias – 28 – New Orleans

(Amber Alias – 28 – New Orleans)

(Amber Alias – 28 – New Orleans)

Amber’s a Pisces who is all about the boys. In fact she told us later that while she was letting that water run over her clit she was fantasizing about YOU watching her cum. Unless you are a chick, in case she wasn’t thinking about you. However guy or girl, just look at those tits!

10. Alex Starr – 23 – Portland

(Alex Starr – 23 - Portland)

(Alex Starr – 23 – Portland)

Alex Starr is a psychology student paying her way through college by working in a porn shop. Watching that water cascade over her pussy and take over the edge is just mind blowing. I loved listening to her tell use when she was cumming.


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